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Gator Blinds, Orlando Comparing ALU CORE Poly Shutters with Wood and Synthetic Vinyl
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ALU CORE Poly Shutters

with Traditional Wood,

Synthetic Vinyl

and Polywood Shutter Constructions

ALU CORE Poly Shutters comparison
It is important to bear in mind that ALU CORE Poly Shutters is not your usual cheap and inferior “poly” or synthetic “wood”. It is a high-tech, strong and resilient material - in fact perfect for the construction of high quality plantation shutters. What is more, it is constantly being improved such is the versatility of this recently discovered polymer. Here is a detailed list of the specific advantages that ALU CORE Poly Shutters have to offer over the more traditional wooden and especially over the synthetic window shutters made from vinyl or Polywood.

ALU CORE Poly Shutters superiority over traditional shutters:
They are waterproof and don’t absorb moisture. They have a high quality painted finish and don't need to be repainted. They have a box shaped cross-sectional aluminum core the full length of every component of the frame and of course the louvers themselves. The louvers are straight, never flex or bend and are thinner than their wooden or synthetic equivalents. Their thinness and non warping allow for greater light control and temperature insulation. The staples used in ALU CORE Poly Shutters recommended here glue themselves to the tilt rod and louvers in the construction process. They are considerably cheaper than traditional wooden plantation shutters. These ALU CORE Poly Shutters are highly practical and durable for indoor use. They are temperature stabilized, heat and steam resistant, so are particularly suitable in kitchens and bathrooms. They have a “V-0 fire rating” - the highest you can get. This allows them to be used in commercial buildings over three stories. Their high-tech paint finish allows for easy cleaning; however abrasive cleaners should be avoided. There is generally only a two-week delivery from the time of ordering. Even when as exterior shutters, they require less regular maintenance. One point to be aware of is that although ALU CORE Poly Shutters may be used on the outside of buildings, it may not be the most suitable product for exterior use in geographical areas subject to extreme cold. You can of course discuss this in full detail when ordering.

ALU CORE Poly Shutters superiority over Vinyl:
Vinyl is generally hollow, which makes it less rigid and has a very low insulating value. Vinyl does not lock out bright lights due to its hollow construction. Vinyl has that cheap look and feel. The vinyl louvers are very flimsy which gives away its poor quality. Parts of the vinyl shutters are often made of plastic that degrade in sunlight causing their short life and early failure. Vinyl shutters become discolored over time due to exposure to sunlight.

ALU CORE Poly Shutters advantages over PolyWood ™
The reinforced aluminum core used within ALU CORE Poly Shutters construction allows for a greater width of the louver. This gives the option of being able to manufacture wider panels which in turn allows for a bigger view of the outside. Most PolyWood ™ shutters will not be more than 28 inches wide. ALU CORE Poly Shutters plantation shutters panel widths can be constructed to a width of up to 3 feet (36 inches). ALU CORE Poly Shutters material has any harder, more resilient surface that better withstands accidental knocks, scratches and dents. ALU CORE Poly Shutters manufacturers delivery times are generally much faster than PolyWood ™. ALU CORE Poly Shutters stile and rail joints are more robust. PolyCore is bolted and/or screwed together whereas these PolyWood ™ constructions are usually glued. ALU CORE Poly Shutters construction using bolt and screws allows for easy replacement of the damaged louvers. ALU CORE Poly Shutters movers and rails do not suffer from uneven gaps or cracks due to their precision co-extruded manufacturing. ALU CORE Poly Shutters do not use rubber flaps that degrade and obstruct the mechanism as in PolyWood ™. ALU CORE Poly Shutters panels can be opened and closed separately, so providing a more versatile control of light.

With the ever increasing danger of unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, it is useful to realize that ALU CORE construction shutters can still be used on the outside of buildings. There are various limitations to their use which are typical to exterior shutters.



ALU CORE Poly Shutters custom plantation shutters are beautiful, high quality, and elegant.
ALU CORE Poly Shutters has the graceful look of wood plantation shutters, but the strength and durability of a synthetic. You can have the best of both worlds! They are a beautiful, upscale shutter with a modern flair. With an elegant elliptical louver profile, these plantation shutters are an excellent choice for the buyer who wants it all. Major features of ALU CORE Poly Shutters Custom Plantation Shutters include:


  1. Aluminum reinforced louvers over 22", rails, and stiles make this shutter as straight as an arrow.
  2. Louvers available in 2-1/2, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 widths for a spacious "plantation shutters" look.
  3. Superb light, noise and temperature control !
  4. Fire Resistant - Fully repairable!
  5. Manufactured in 2 - 3 weeks
  6. Limited Lifetime Warranty









  • Aluminum Reinforced solid ALU CORE Poly Shutters Product Innovation Awards
  • Vinyl - Polyresin 3® Shutters
  • Composite Wood Shutters
  • Stained Wood Shutters
  • Painted Wood Shutters
  • Contemporary Metal Shutters
  • Shutters for Doors also with cut outs
  • Shutters with Woven Wood, Tableaux or fabric inserts
  • Shutters with Decorative Accents Louver sizes ranging from 1-1/4" to 4-1/2"
  • Louver styles: colonial, s-shape, elliptical Specialty Shapes
  • Motorization - to operate with use of a remote control or programmed timer.
  • Track Systems Bypass and Bi-fold shutters are available.
  • Specialty sizes and shapes are available to fit all dimensions.
  • Traditional Tilt Rod - Hidden Tilt Rod(clear view) - Off Set Tilt Rod
  • Double Hung with bi-fold Top



There are many unique windows in a home and we design to suit each window for a perfect fit.


    Available as single panels or bifolding panels. The most popular choice, they fit almost every window.
    Designed specifically for sliding glass doors
    Designed specifically for French Doors
    Designed for wider windows with decorative mullions
    Used in settings where you want an unobstructed view on the top of your windows, with shutters on the bottom





We offers a variety of decorative frames to match your taste.


  1. NO FRAME - Plantation shutters are mounted flush with the wall
  2. LARGE Z FRAME - Large Z frame is a very nice, large decorative picture Frame.
                                   No surcharge applies for the Z Frames for ALU CORE Poly Shutters.
  3. MEDIUM Z FRAME - Medium Z frame is a very nice, medium decorative picture Frame.
                                      No surcharge applies for the Z Frames for ALU CORE Poly Shutters.
  4. SMALL Z FRAME - Small Z frame is a contemporary decorative, small clean Frame.
                                    No surcharge applies for the Z Frames for ALU CORE Poly Shutters.
  5. L - FRAME - L - frame is a great accent to any room mounted flush with the wall.
  6. DESIGNER T - FRAME - Extended T Frames are available for extra clearance if needed.


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